What makes me write?

Is it something beneath me, my inner voice or that my heart is full and is now pumping out my feelings from it.
Whatsoever it may be, but I love writing and its the best way to express, share one's thoughts, feelings to the wonderful beings who love reading.

Its been around a year I am reading the blogs like "common mistakes done by bloggers/starters", "things to remember while writing a blog", and much but instead of helping me reading more such blogs started frightening me, it created more confusions to questions like what kind of work readers will love, will they accept my work and all blah blah.
And on this fine day, I gathered my courage to enter the publish button on my blogger's profile. The next thing which really bothered me was my topic, isn't it that I don't have anything to write but was confused that how should I start, what should be my first ever published work on my profile. Then something suddenly struck my mind and i…
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